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Waterproofing at Wise Solutions Basement Waterproofing

There are several solutions to keeping water out of your basement walls and off your basement floor.  The two most common solutions are Exterior and Interior Systems.  The difference between the two systems are that an Interior system allows any water not being directed away from your foundation by your original drain tile to drain through your walls and below your floor into Argravity  Fed System that flows to a sump well where the water will collect and be pumped outside, usually to a clean flowing downspout line that runs to a storm sewer or ditch.


The Interior system is a great system for keeping water off your Floor!  The truth is your walls are still damp or most and the water is still entering your basement.  It is still making it susceptible to mold and mildew.


Several company's push for this type of waterproofing.  Sell the idea to the home owner that it is the better option when in fact, very seldom that is the case.


The Interior system is a much cheaper and quick way to install.  This is making this a big money maker for those company's that have their best interest in mind and not you, the customer.


Don't be Sold, Be Told!


An Exterior system aka Damp Proofing is 9 time out of 10 the way to go. This system is pretty similar to what is already around your home but perfected on all the aspects from the type of agat pipe, and how your walls are sealed.  Making sure that there is never a mistake issue again unlike the interior system.


Waterproofing the exterior completely eliminates all the moisture on and in your walls and under your floor, truly making this system superior in all waterproofing options. 


With the correct exterior water proofing system, there is seldom a need for an interior system.